Give Yourself A Better Fantasy Experience

We’re going to give you less stress during your fantasy season.

Draft After The 3rd Preseason Game

  • Try avoiding leagues that drafts prior to Week #3 of the preseason
    • Less demoted players drafted
    • Less drafted players that are on IR before the season starts
    • You’ll have a better fantasy experience if All or Most of the owners stick around until Week #16

Week #17 is NOT a Playoff Week

  • Don’t Participate in Leagues that Use Week #17 as a Playoff Week
  • Yes, this includes pickup league
  • A playoff lineup should not consist of Week 17 waiver wire pickups

No Excessive IDP’s

  • Choose a league that keeps IDP’s to only one
  • Two is acceptable, if you are playing with experienced owners (use caution)
  • Too many IDP’s leads to increased owner departures

10 to 12 Owners Max

  • 10 Team leagues are recommended to newer owners as they offer the best options in the free agent market
  • 12 team leagues are a little more challenging as the free agent pool is much smaller


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