Autopick Draft Strategy

While most fantasy football diehards view autodrafting as a lack dedication & passion for the game of fantasy football, owners can still have a successful autodraft with careful planning. 


The inherent problem with autopicking is drafting an excess of depth at unnecessary positions.  This problem is easily avoided by changing the minimums and maximums to the numbers listed below.


A quality pick-by-pick strategy will further your chances at a successful draft.  There are several patterns to use within the first 6 rounds.  The most popular is shown below and additonal Pick-By-Pick Strategies are available below.


One Additional Option: Optimize your selection of a #2 QB.

Use your cheatsheet and our ADP report to find the best QBs available in Round #11 or later.  If those players' ADP is the 12th round or higher, moved your #2 QB to the 12th round and select a Tight End in Round #11.

Option B

Option C

Option D

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