Team Position Watch

This is a team needs list. If a team drafts a player from the listed position, this could affect other players at the same position. This player, if of quality, could have a solid impact in fantasy football.

(NP = Will Probably Not Start In 2015)
(MS = May Start In 2015)
(AP? = Depends on Adrian Peterson’s status)

Team Position Position Position Position Position
Arizona Cardinals TE        
Atlanta Falcons RB TE      
Baltimore Ravens WR TE      
Buffalo Bills QB (NP) TE TE    
Carolina Panthers RB WR      
Chicago Bears RB2 WR      
Cincinnati Bengals Nothing Specific        
Cleveland Browns WR TE      
Dallas Cowboys RB        
Denver Broncos Nothing Specific        
Green Bay Packers TE        
Houston Texans QB (NP) WR TE    
Indianapolis Colts RB        
Kansas City Chiefs WR PK      
Miami Dolphins RB2 WR      
Minnesota Vikings RB (AP?) WR      
New England Patriots RB WR TE    
New Orleans Saints TE        
New York Giants TE        
New York Jets QB (NP) RB WR TE  
Oakland Raiders RB WR TE    
Philadelphia Eagles QB (MS) WR      
Pittsburgh Steelers WR TE      
San Diego Chargers RB WR      
San Francisco 49ers WR        
Seattle Seahawks WR        
St Louis Rams WR TE      
Tampa Bay Bucs QB RB WR TE PK
Tennessee Titans QB RB WR    
Washington Redskins RB WR      

5 Ways To Improve Your Fantasy League

1) Have your draft order determined by non-traditional ways

     a) The winner gets the #1 pick, standings determine draft order

2) Trophies! Trophies! Trophies! 1st Place & Last Place trophy!

     a) Purchase a fantasy football trophy with perpetual base. Only one trophy is needed and it’s passed along to the new champion each year, only need to update a small plaque on the base.

     b) Get a Championship Belt and wear it with pride.

     Add our Championship Photo Plaque so the champion can have a lasting memory of their championship season.

     Last Place: It’s all about humiliation for the loser.

     a) A pink license plate frame that says “I Suck At Fantasy Football”

     b) Have your loser stand on a street corner (make sure it’s very safe), a mall entrance or any other populated area. Make sure they have a humiliating sign with them, maybe had a dress.

     c) Loser must wear a humiliating T-Shirt for a day. Make it a good day. I like the idea of wearing it at an NFL preseason game with some home made signs around him to get some airtime.

3) Stay engaged throughout the year

     a) Join an NCAA Tournament Bracket.

     b) Create a Super Bowl Boxes Pool. Each owner could get equal amounts (nice for 10 team leagues) or have the allotment determined by their fantasy football season. (higher ranked teams get more boxes). Make the payouts worth it. This could makeup for a bad fantasy season.

4) Pre-Draft Activities / Live Draft

     a) Live Drafts are always more fun.

     b) Hold a pre-draft event, a few hours of competitive XBox One or PS4, 18 hole round of golf, 3 games of bowling or any event that will promote trash talking and some adult beverages.
     c) Loser must wear a humiliating T-Shirt for a day. Make it a good day. I like the idea of wearing it at an NFL preseason game with some home made signs around him to get some airtime.

5) Use Free Agent Auction Bidding Instead of Waiver Wire

     With Free Agent Bidding, each teams will have a specific budget with which they can make player acquisitions during the season, and all acquisitions will be processed in batches one or more times each week. If a team would like to add a player, that team will secretly bid a certain amount. On the next waiver process day, the team with the highest amount bid will be awarded the player, and the bid will be subtracted from that team’s budget.

2015 Strength of Schedule

Here are the 2015 team schedules ranked in order of difficulty, based on opponents’ 2014 results. (Combined 2014 record of all 16 opponents, combined winning percentage)

Rank Team Opp W/L Opp Win % Quality Opp
1 Pittsburgh 147-107-2 0.579 11
2 St. Louis 147-108-0 0.574 9
3 Cincinnati 144-112-0 0.563 11
4 Arizona 142-113-0 0.555 8
5 Seattle 142-112-0 0.555 8
6 Oakland 139-116-1 0.545 11
7 Kansas City 139-116-1 0.545 11
8 Cleveland 138-116-2 0.543 11
9 Denver 138-117-1 0.541 11
10 Baltimore 137-117-2 0.539 9
11 Minnesota 138-118-0 0.539 9
12 San Francisco 137-118-0 0.535 9
13 Chicago 136-120-0 0.531 9
14 Detroit 135-121-0 0.527 8
15 Green Bay 135-120-0 0.527 8
16 San Diego 132-123-1 0.518 9
17 Miami 126-130-0 0.492 10
18 NY Jets 125-131-0 0.488 8
19 Buffalo 124-131-0 0.484 8
20 Washington 122-133-0 0.477 6
21 New England 122-134-0 0.477 8
22 NY Giants 122-133-0 0.477 6
23 Philadelphia 121-134-0 0.473 6
24 Dallas 119-136-1 0.467 6
25 Jacksonville 118-137-1 0.463 8
26 Tennessee 111-144-1 0.435 6
27 Carolina 111-145-0 0.434 6
28 New Orleans 109-145-0 0.426 6
29 Tampa Bay 108-146-0 0.422 4
30 Houston 106-148-2 0.417 6
31 Indianapolis 106-149-1 0.416 6
32 Atlanta 104-150-0 0.406 4